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Chiropractor South Easton, MA

Dr. Warren L. Pyne, Jr. at Chiropractic Southeast, Inc. employs actual physical chiropractic techniques that are gentle and based on current research. Dr. Pyne does not rely upon drugs or surgery or the outdated approach of bed rest and medications. This more physical approach has been found to be more effective in relieving pain syndromes and correcting the underlying problem.

If you are tired of having only the symptoms treated and would like to find and fix the underlying cause, visit Dr. Pyne at Chiropractic Southeast, where the return to health begins. Just a few of the problems we offer treatment for include back and neck pain, herniated discs, headaches, disk injury and fibromyalgia.


Our mission is to direct people to the realization that they are activated from within; that life and healing come from within; and ultimately that the maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease.
–Dr. Warren L. Pyne, Jr.

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Patient Testimonials

My initial complaints were terrible pain, pain that had tears running down my face. Being a very stubborn lady, I waited a bit to long. Never would I wait or ever be in that situation again. The pain was constant, a pitched sciatica nerve. I couldn’t even sleep in my bed for weeks… couldn’t turn my body from left to right. I hadn’t had a good nights sleep in weeks… then a real miracle happened. After coming to Dr. Pyne I began to feel better, not only that I am being treated for anemia and had been in and out of Brockton Hospital receiving blood transfusions and iron. They can’t believe how great my health has improved.

Dr. Pyne truly has a gift of healing and I am living proof.

Mary Carol
age 74


I had severe migraines on a daily basis and could not function. I lost sleep, missed work and had to discontinue my hobbies. Medication did not work. Not truly convinced with chiropractors but after meeting and experiencing Dr. Pyne and how her relieved my migraines to now were I have zero to manageable migraines lasting no more than four hours and can go without a headache for weeks. Dr. Pyne is an excellent doctor.

Brockton, Ma
age 44

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Our Commitment To You:

To help you obtain the improved health you deserve.


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New treatment option for Fibromyalgia!

Dr. Pyne is one of the first chiropractors in the country to be certified by the Neurologic Relief Center using a breakthrough treatment. Visit to learn more and read success stories. Contact us for an evaluation today!